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TGM Dream Inverter WiFi Air Conditioning Unit 18,000 BTU

TGM Dream Inverter WiFi Air Conditioning Unit 18,000 BTU

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The Dream Inverter Heat Pump mini-split family is one of the premier air conditioning products in the world. The Dream Inverter's intuitive, easy-to-install design reduces the time required for installation and maintenance by 50%! The Dream Inverter is also supported by the TGM-brand: spare parts will always be available on demand and ready to ship next day to make sure that any problems with your equipment are resolved quickly and painlessly. The Dream Inverter Heat Pump comes standard with a 15 foot aluminum-copper pipe kit, wireless remote control and remote control holder, and gold fin coating on the condensing unit to prevent corrosion and improve heat transfer. The Dream Inverter is also Wi-Fi compatible, with the purchase of the separate Wi-Fi module, which will allow the end user the ability to control their Dream Inverter from their phone as long as they have access to a Wi-Fi connection. There simply is no other air conditioner as easy to install or maintain as this one, which is why it is a Dream!
  • AHRI and ETL Certified
  • 15 Foot Aluminium-Copper Piping Kit
  • Gold Fin Coating on Condensing Unit for Advanced
  • Corrosion Protection and Improve Heat Transfer Maximizing Efficiency
  • Neoprene Clay, Protective PVC Covering, Vinyl Tape, and Vibration Pads Included
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