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Wokali Black Head Deep Cleansing Peel-Off MasK

Wokali Black Head Deep Cleansing Peel-Off MasK

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Product Features:
Black Mask Whitening Complex, (Schwarze Maske) is a high Quality face mask that help your skin recover its youthful appearance. Formulated with Vitamin A and E as well as other active ingredients. This perfect masque revitalize and maintains the moisture balance of your skin and keep it clean from oiliness. The use of the mask also helps Moisture to be absorbed into the skin more effectively. When you use it regularly your skin will remain clean, soft and fresh. In Addition, it will provide you with a brighter and younger appearance.
The Wokali Black Mask Whitening Complex works miracles on detoxifying, purifying and brightening your skin. Due to the fact that the mask is composed with natural ingredients and is full of minerals, when you apply it on your face it will help you remove the dirt and oil from it. Its powerful antioxidants energize and rejuvenate your skin. Once the mask is removed, you will immediately notice a great improvement and positive results.
Directions: Dry the cleansed area well and apply the masque on the desired area. Avoid eybrows, eyes and lips). Peel it off after 20-30 minutes.
Caution: Avoid Contact with eyes. If the mask enters your eyes, rinse thoroughly with a lot of water.
Ingredients: Mineral Mud, Water, 1.3-Butanediol, Amino Acid moisturizing agent, Hyalouronic Acid sodium, Flavor.
Made In PRC

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